To create a socially useful, responsible and profitable institute that will be an internationally and regionally recognizable center in the domain of its activity, to be a top research institution that will play an important role in popularizing linguistic and raising awareness of the importance of science and scientific research for the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and society, and the leading scientific and research institution at the local and national level that will permanently contribute to the development of languages and the nurturing of language culture, those are the basis of the development plan, i.e. vision of the Institute. The plan is to innovate in various areas of the Institute’s activities and reorganize the library and its digitalization and networking, launch large-scale projects, promote, organize scientific conferences and the so on.

Changes in the organizational structure of the Institute and the establishment of a new managerial structure, the reception of new staff and the purchase of some equipment, improved the conditions for carrying out scientific research work. Problems of all institutions of this type in Bosnia and Herzegovina for years have been financing and lack of staff, and support from the wider community and the University for material and technical support for the performance of activities is needed.

In spite of difficulties, the Institute has already cooperated with regional and European institutes and universities before and after the war. Thus the Institute participated in two major EU projects in cooperation with the University of Oslo, Norway. In the future, through participation in European Union projects as well as cooperation with institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world, it is planned to expand its activities in the education and education sphere, by establishing international doctoral studies, seminars, tribunes, language schools for foreigners, modernizing the work process in Institute, and the strengthening of scientific research staff. By joining Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union, the participation of the Institute in European Union projects, in relation to international, regional and national needs, the vision is expected to be realized sooner.