Morbi nec nisi ante. Quisque lacus ligula, iaculis in elit et, interdum semper quam. Fusce in interdum tortor.

Roberto Dapit PhD (b. 1957 in Italy), linguist and ethnologist, is associated professor of Slovenian language and literature at the Department of Languages, Literatures, Communication, Education and Society at the University of Udine. He is a member of the International Centre for the Study of Plurilingualism at the University of Udine, of the editing board of Studia Mythologica Slavica, of the BD of ARLeF (Regional Agency for Friulian Language), of the Technical-Scientific Commision for Ecomuseums of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, of the scientific board of SLORI (Slovenian Research Institut). As the topics of his research are multilingual education, translation studies, linguistic minorities and intangible culture heritage in the area between Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, where he carried out more than 20 years of field research, his scholarly activity is displayed in several monographs in the field of linguistics, such as Aspetti di cultura resiana nei nomi di luogo (1995-1998-2008), or ethnology as A Treasury of Slovenian Folklore (2010), and in numerous articles and visual works such as the ethographic film From the Silence. My Journey in Time (2002). He is the recipient of the 2004 Golden Emblem of the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. In the domain of the international cooperation between Italy and Slovenia in the last five years he has been team manager at the University of Udine (partner) in the frame of the Interreg projects JEZIK-LINGUA: Multilingualism as a value and importance of the border between Italy and Slovenia and ZBORZBIRK – Cultural heritage in collections between the Alps and Karst.


Vaša zainteresiranost za novosti s naše stranice za nas predstavlja pozitivnu povratnu informaciju, koja nam govori da je naš trud na promoviranju jezika i svega što ima veze s jezikom prepoznat od strane krajnjih korisnika, te da nismo usamljeni u svojim naporima. Nadamo se da ćete u novostima koje budete primali od nas naći informacije koje će vam biti od koristi.