Proceedings “Alija Isaković and Bosnian language”

Alen Kalajdžija (ed.): Proceedings Alija Isaković i bosanski jezik, Sarajevo, 14. mart 2017., Special editions, vol. 30, Language Institute of University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, 2018, 413 p.

Proceedings of Scientific conference „Alija Isaković i bosanski jezik“, organized in occasion of 20 years from death of Alija Isaković, in over 400 pages brings 20 scientific and proffessional works divided into temathic groups „Alija Isaković i jezička politika“, „Alija Isaković i karakteristična bosanska leksika“ and „O jeziku i stilu Alije Isakovića“, with 7 essays in part named „Sjećanja na Aliju Isakovića“. In this papers the importance of Alija Isaković for the development of the Bosnian language in various fields of activity is emphasized and the language of his works is analyzed. So we gathered information about this prominent writer and scientist in one place, which will help all researchers, but also those who continue the Alija Isaković’s work in any segment, in their future research.