Lecture at Second Gymnasium on the occasion of International Mother Language Day, February 21, 2019

27-02-19 Zenaida 0 comment

As part of the manifestation Days of the Language Institute 2019, at the Second Gymnasium Sarajevo on the occasion of International Mother Language Day, Jasmin Hodžić from the Language Institute of the University of Sarajevo held a special lecture titled “The Status of Bosnian Language Issues through the History of Bosnian Language and History of bosnistics”. Together with the students of the Second Gymnasium, the event was attended by Director Seid Alibegović and professors of Bosnian Language and Literature at Second Gymnasium Sarajevo. Prof. Arnela Trešnjo and Professor Zdravka Zekić, who attended as present and former expert advisor on Bosnian language and literature at the Pedagogical and Educational Institute of the Sarajevo Canton, gave a great honor to the lecturer and the school. The lecture lasted from 10 to 11 hours.