Promotion of the book Words with a Persian Origin in Bosnian, 13 December 2017

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Today, on the 13 December 2017, in the crowded hall of the Bosniak Institute, a promotion of a book from the Special Edition, Vol. 25, named Word with Persian Origin in Bosnian, by prof. dr. Đenita Haverić and prof. dr. Amela Šehović was held. At the beginning, dr. Alen Kalajdzija,  the director of the Language Institute, addressed a large audience taking the opportunity to mention the publications of the Institute that were published in the meantime and to announce the Institute’s new projects. After him, Mr. Ali Ameri, the Consul for the culture of the Embassy of IR Iran, briefly presented the importance of Persian culture and civilization in time and space, especially in the Balkans, and invited all researchers dealing with the Persian language and culture to contact the Cultural Center of the IR Iran Embassy. In the main part of book promotion, the reviewers spoke. Academic Dževad Jahić positioned and valorized this book in relation to the previous research and presented the essential problems the book deals with, but also pointed to the possibilities for further research. The second reviewer and promoter prof. dr. Munir Drkić critically presented the contents of the book, dwelling on the important details that solve some issues, but simultaneously raise other ones. In the end, the authors addressed the audience, expressing gratitude to everyone who participated in the publication of this book.

We thank everyone who attended today’s promotion and hope that we have fulfilled their expectations.