Lejla Nakaš (ed.): Divoševo evanđelje: studija i kritičko izdanje teksta, Special editions, vol. 31, Language Institute of University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, 2018, 499 p.

Divoš’s Gospel is one of the series of Bosnian gospels that have only recently begun to be processed and published more intensively. The manuscript of the Divoš’s Gospel was discovered in 1960 in the Church of St. Nicholas in the Podvrha near Bijelo Polje on Lim, and now is located in Cetinje in the Monastery treasury. The gospel written for the nobleman Divoš Tihoradić, who was mentioned as a witness in the charters of Ban Stjepan Kotromanić in 1332 and 1333, is one of the richest illuminated manuscripts in the entire medieval production of manuscripts in the Slavic language. This book brings a critical issue with an introductory study on a hundred pages where the language and graphics of this valuable manuscript are analyzed. Publishing such texts facilitate work for all slavist that analize the text of the gospels, and the multiannual emptiness in the editions of the Bosnian Gospels is filled, which is very important because they represent the most archaic monuments of this kind and are an indispensable link in the chain of this kind of research.

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