Public lecture about Dr. Muhamed Jahić, December 19, 2018

26-12-18 Zenaida 0 comment

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Muhamed Hadžijahić, and as part of the Day of the University of Sarajevo, a Public lecture on the life and work of Dr. Muhammad Hadžijahić was held. About the importance of multidisciplinary work and engagement in the social, scientific, spiritual and cultural life of Bosnia and Herzegovina spoke:

  • Sedad Bešlija (Institute for History) – Family origin of Dr. Muhamed Hadžijahić,
  • Adnan Kadrić (Orijental Institute) – Review of Dr. Muhamed Hadžijahić’s bio/bibliography,
  • Muhidin Pelesić (Institute for History) – History writer as her active accomplice and co-creator,
  • Alen Kalajdžija (Language Institute) – On importance of Dr. Muhamed Hadžijahić in Bosnian philological research,
  • Hadžem Hajdarević (Language Institute) – Ethical aspect of Hadžijahić’s scientific research of the traditional values of the Bosnia.

The organizers of the forum were the Institute for History, Language Institute and Oriental Institute of the University of Sarajevo, and it was held in the Ceremonial hall of the Rectorate. Prof. dr. Maida Čohodar Husić, Vice-rector for quality, addressed the audience. On this occasion, she expressed her satisfaction with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of a prominent intellectual, dr. Muhamed Hadžijahić, which draw attention to a significant personality that the public knows little about. She emphasized the value of this lecture and the fact that it was planned and realized in cooperation with three institutions, members of the University, which shows commitment to teamwork in such smaller or larger projects in the future as well. The lecture was held in the atmosphere of promoting the positive values of our society and their influence on the historical, political and cultural flows in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The moderator was mr. Aida Kršo.