Third Bosnian language symposium (Mostar, March 19–20, 2020) – First call for papers

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We are honored to invite you to take part in the Third Bosnian language symposium which will be held in Mostar on March 19–20, 2020. The Symposium organizer is the Language Institute of the University of Sarajevo. By organizing this Symposium, the Language Institute continues the tradition started in 1998, when the First Bosnian language symposium was held in Bihać. After Bihać, in 2015, the Second Bosnian language symposium was held in Sarajevo. Fostering the tradition of organizing symposiums confirms the importance and the need for a systematic and continuous study of the Bosnian language.

The thematic framework of Symposium covers topics from the field of linguistics, and the working languages of the Symposium are Bosnian, other Slavic languages and English.

Title with an abstract (up to 1,800 characters) must be submitted through the application form attached to the e-mail address:, in Bosnian or one of the Slavic languages and in English, no later than December 31, 2019.

The reviewed papers presented at the Symposium will be published later in the Proceedings.


  1. The language of the Bosnian written monuments
  2. Bosnian language and other languages – comparative and contrastive research
  3. Organic idioms of the Bosnian language
  4. Bosnian language and media
  5. Standardization of the Bosnian language
  6. Contemporary Bosnian Research

We would appreciate if you could forward this notice to your associates as well as to those who may be interested in participating in the Third Bosnian language symposium.

This is the first call for the Third Bosnian language symposium. Additional information (place of the Symposium, exposure time, agenda, accommodation information and other activities) will be delivered in January 2020.


Organizational Committee President:

dr. sc. Alen Kalajdžija, Language Institute of the University of Sarajevo


Organizational Committee Members:

prof. dr. Refik Bulić

prof. dr. Amira Turbić-Hadžagić

dr. sc. Jasmin Hodžić

prof. dr. Ismail Palić

prof. dr. Remzija Hadžiefendić-Parić

doc. dr. Edim Šator

prof. dr. Amela Šehović

Sarajevo, May 31, 2019