The Institute of Language of the University of Sarajevo organizes its work through the projects. Projects of the Language Institute are divided, according to

  1. methods, on:
  • research and
  • applied,
  1. content, on:
  • projects of Institute’s departments and
  • projects of promotion of Language Institute and linguistic
  1. scope and the number of participants, on:
  • macroprojects and
  • separate (smaller) projects.

Research project as the results have the scientific works – monographs, proceedings, and similar. The results of applied projects are textbooks, manuals, documents and similar.

Projects of Institute’s departments are related thematically to certain aspects of linguistic – concrete to contemporary language, with all of its disciplines, dialectology, history of language, also with its subdisciplines. All listed projects for the target group have linguists and those who deal more specifically with the language.

The projects of promotion of Institute and linguistic are dedicated to the dissemination of information about the Institute’s work and the latest achievements in linguistic, as well as the work on promoting the Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian language for a wider audience.

Some smaller projects are part of a larger project – a macroproject, which has a broadly-defined theme, which some of the phenomena with expandability are processed within, while others are smaller, with a smaller number of researchers, dedicated to a narrower theme, unrelated to a wider project, which are separate projects.

Language Institute realizes its projects:

  • independently and
  • in cooperation with other institutions or persons from that institutions.

In the case of cooperation with other institutions, it is about macro projects where researchers from several institutions work, and cooperation with individuals is realized in accordance with one of the goals of the Language Institute, which is the gathering of all linguists from Bosnia and Herzegovina around and within the Institute, in order to make it a central place for the linguistic researches in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By its terms, the Institute’s projects are:

  • short-term,
  • long-term and
  • permanent.

The duration of short-term projects is one or two years, and those are separate smaller research or applied projects of the Institute’s internal or external collaborators.

Long-term projects are scientific projects with wider scope and a larger number of researchers, they are more complex and, because of that, they last longer. Such projects are realized in cooperation with other institutions.

Permanent projects are macroprojects that, due to their scope, and the nature of language, require permanent research, which is one of the main tasks of the Language Institute.