Mission of Language Institute is development and dispersion of language culture, systematic scientific researches and development of language form on the principles of scientific excellence, as well as publishing of results of works with permanent education of the scientists. Mission can be regarded throughout the prism of the primary Institute’s activities, as scientific research work from the field of language, capacitating students for scientific research work and publishing results of their work in own edition.

In this frame, the priority is scientific, fundamental, applied and developmental researches of pre-standard and standard language (as well as organic idioms), study of language and expressions of language in Bosnia and Herzegovina, history of language and dialects, using and respecting the world linguistic criteria.

The Institute accomplishes its mission through:

  • Continuous scientific work and research of languages in BIH, and in recent times also in diaspora, from the scientific and professional aspect,
  • Research of standard language, history of language, dialectology,
  • Care of nurturing and shaping the standard language, by publishing normative manuals such as spelling, grammar and normative dictionaries,
  • Research of linguistic, terminological and lexical historical aspects,
  • Exploring folk speech in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Quality transfer of knowledge,
  • Quality own editions,
  • Cooperation with universities, education and state institutions, students, teachers, and other individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as international cooperation,
  • Organizing scientific meetings, seminars and round tables,

Other forms of education and so on.