About Us

Institut za jezik

Language Institute of the University of Sarajevo is a scientific institution dealing with scientific research work in the field of language, training personnel for scientific research work and publishing the results of work in its editions.

Scientific research work at the Institute is carried out in scientific departments divided into linguistic areas. Currently, there are Department for Standard Language, Dialectology, Language History and Lexicology, where the associates of the Institute specialize in these fields of linguistics conduct their researches. In addition to the scientific sector, the Institute also has administration (Accounting, Legal Service and Publishing and Library Services) which supports scientific research work. All decisions are made to the Council, chaired by the Director of the Institute, and members are all employees in the scientific sector with the minimum title of the Master.

The Institute realizes its activities through projects. Numerous projects in the Institute are organized according to the departments, and they are classified according to methods (scientific and professional), scope (macro projects and individual projects), duration (long-term and short-term), etc. Beside that, the small projects dedicated to the promotion of the Institute and language science are continuously being implemented.

In addition, the Language Institute is trying to serve all institutions and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina for all the doubts, problems or concrete proposals for cooperation related to language issues, in order to improve the linguistic culture in general, raise the level of education, promote better language practices and help all those who need this kind of help.