General objectives:

  • Raising the level of language culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Intensive development of the Institute in order to be an indispensable factor for the study and standardization of languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Developing cooperation and concretization of the Institute’s involvement in the field of education of language personnel in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Promote the language at a global level.


Specific objectives:

  • Raising the level of scientific research work by continuous improvement of personnel,
  • Developing new projects that will be beneficial for the wider community at the local and global level,
  • Development of international cooperation in order to enable the mobility of researchers, especially young people, to acquire new knowledge and skills,
  • Intensive work on standardization of languages ​​in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially Bosnian language,
  • Additional education of all employees in the field of foreign languages ​​and computer literacy,
  • Reorganization and recruitment of new staff in the scientific research, but also in the administrative and accounting sector, in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the work in the Institute,
  • Creation of quality criteria for the employment of scientific research workers at the Institute,
  • Development of the work of newly formed departments in the scientific and research sector, by establishing new projects and receiving of young researchers,
  • Strengthening of activities for acquiring own income, by providing services to the public, organizations and individuals through forums, workshops and seminars, summer language schools, schools for foreigners,
  • Promotion of languages ​​in Bosnia and Herzegovina via the media and the Internet,
  • Continuing work on previously-designed professional projects such as the League of Young Linguists and SALK,
  • Creating a new standardized orthography manual, new volumes of dictionaries and grammar of the Bosnian language,
  • Active participation in the teaching-scientific process in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world.

The Institute’s management, as well as scientific research and other personnel, as part of its regular tasks and in the domain of their responsibility, are responsible for the realization of the set goals. The goals are achieved through intensive work on the realization of the planned projects of the Institute, continuous work on human resources education, admission of new staff, development of long-term plans, setting up the vision and mission of the Institute, which will improve scientific research work and cooperation with other inland and foreign institutions, work in projects, participation in scientific meetings, expansion of publishing activities and fulfillment of other goals from the Institute’s program of work.