Alen Kalajdžija: Predstandardni idiom bosanske alhamijado literature, Edition Works, vol. 24, Language Institute of University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, 2019, 306 p.

The book The pre-standard idiom of Bosnian alhamiado literature combines a historiographical and linguistic approach to texts, through recent findings in lexicology, dialectology, semantics, syntax… In addition to purely linguistic analyzes and data on texts that are necessary to contextualize them for the purpose of a fuller understanding, the entire alhamiado literature is viewed within the broader picture of the development of the Bosnian language. Precisely, through each text individually, it is placed where belongs to as an indispensable link in the chain of linguistic changes in the period immediately before, and at the beginning of standardization, definitely essentially determining the course of development of Bosnian language. In addition to filling an impermissibly long blank in the scientific literature on the development of Bosnian language, the book is written in an understandable language and divided into logical entities. In fact, it is an ideal textbook that can serve both teachers, who have all the past studies and data on the Bosnian alhamiado literature and recent analyzes and conclusions about it, as well as students, who have, in one book, systematically distributed data, almost as a syllabus for a one-semester review. In addition, a rich list of literature is in fact a bibliography of works on Bosnian alhamiado literature, which in itself is already a valuable contribution to Bosnistics.

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