Lecture Bosnian language – our identity, Mostar, 23. 10. 2018

14-11-18 Zenaida 0 comment

Director of the Language Institute of the University of Sarajevo dr. sc. Alen Kalajdžija and dr. sc. Jasmin Hodžić, in front of the Language Institute, took part in a tribune called Bosnian Language – Our Identity. The lecture was organized by Primary School “Zalik” in Mostar on 23 October 2018. The moderator of the tribune teacher Aida Fajić first introduced the participants with the activities of the Language Institute in Sarajevo, which has worked for half a century. Director of the school, Džemal Juklo, welcomed the guests and emphasized that the guests are the people who are working with their language as our identification. Dr. Alen Kalajdžija and dr. Jasmin Hodžić spoke to students about the origins and history of the Bosnian language, its characteristics, and literary creativity in the last ten centuries. Students engaged in this interesting and educational lecture by asking questions and showing great interest in the history and development of the Bosnian language.