Seminars on Bosnian language for teachers, Novi Pazar and Sjenica, 30-31. 3. 2019.

01-04-19 Zenaida 0 comment

On the invitation of the Bosniak National Council in the Republic of Serbia, on 30 and 31 March 2019 in Novi Pazar and Sjenica the Language Institute held a seminar for teachers who teach in the Bosnian language, on the topic „Norm of Bosnian Language“. Dr. sc. Alen Kalajdžija, director of the Institute, spoke on the topic „Standardization of the Bosnian language conditioned by its historical development“, dr. sc. Jasmin Hodžić: „Language Tolerance and Orthographic Principles in Bosnian Language“, mr. sc. Aida Kršo: „Rules of ijekavian pronunciation“ and mr. sc. Zenaida Karavdić: „Spelling Issues and Solutions in the Bosnian Language“. As part of the seminar, promotion of the edition and work of the Language Institute was also held. The Institute’s readiness for any kind of help related to Bosnian language and support teaching in Bosnian language is emphasized. The attendance was excellent, and the media have reported on this event.

We thank the Bosniak National Council in the Republic of Serbia, and especially our colleague, Elvira Djekic, the president of the Bosnian Education Board, on the excellent organization of the seminar and the extraordinary cordial welcome. We hope for such fruitful cooperation in the future.