Adnan Kadrić: Bosanski turski učitelj

Adnan Kadrić: Kontrastivna metoda u opisu bosanskog i turskog jezika u Bosni u 19. stoljeću: Bilingvalna gramatika Bosanski turski učitelj Ibrahima Edhema Berbića, Special editions, vol. 54 / Works, vol. 21, Oriental Institute and Language Institute of University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, 2018, 270 p.

This study is a revised and updated version of the master’s thesis of the author who approaches analyze of Berbic’s grammar from the general-linguistic aspect. In studying the history of alhamiado literacy, Berbić is also important for his opus, but also for the ideas he was trying to apply with regard to the introduction of certain graphic solutions in the second half of the 19th century. Berbic’s work on grammar writing did not remain unnoticed in Bosnia and in the neighboring countries. This is also evidenced by the advertising announcement on the grammar in the Constantinople Gazette that was printed in Istanbul from 1895 to 1909. In Bosnia, Berbić’s Grammar is found in almost all the libraries containing alhamiado texts, periodicals and literature in Bosnia from the end of the 19th century, and the various notes on the margins indicate the very likely possibility that this work was also used in certain learned circles which continued their literacy education in the time of the Austro-Hungarian administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Copies of the printed work are also found in some libraries in the Republic of Turkey.

Access to the language description in the work is descriptive rather than prescriptive. He, along with the existence of the Bosnian language, appreciates the existence of terms such as Montenegrin, the language of the Croats, the Serbs, the language of Dalmatia, and similar. The grammar of the southern Slavic language is actually a grammar of all the mentioned languages.

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