Vedad Mulavdić, Jezičke odlike u djelu Edhema Mulabdića, Edition Works, vol. 25, University of Sarajevo – Language Institute, Sarajevo 2020. ISBN 978-9958-620-43-0

In this book, the author Vedad Mulavdić approached the language of Edhem Mulabdić comprehensively and monographically, and in several aspects illuminated it and explained the role of this expression in the pre-standardization of the Bosnian language itself. Edhem Mulabdić was one of the key figures in this period of the development of the Bosnian language because his literary and editorial work greatly influenced the formation of the later standard language expression of the Bosnian language. This monograph fits into the Institute’s long-term project Language of Bosnian Writers of the 19th and 20th Centuries, in which the language of several writers has already been covered, and in this sense this book fills another gap in Bosnistics studies.

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